Collaborations and Discography


I feel very fortunate to have so many opportunities to collaborate with musicians, puppeteers, actors, poets and artists; I deeply value the time and creative energy that we have shared and the relationships that have developed through many of these experiences.

**** I am presently working on a puppet/theatre piece about the history of the double bass.  Check back for updates as the show develops! ****

Below you will find a list of current and previous collaborators with links to their respective websites:


The Dylan Jack Quartet 


Bury Me Standing 

The Gottabees 

Veronica Barron

Brian Carpenter and the Confessions 

Brendan Burns 


Max Avery Lichtenstein

Valerie Thompson

Petaluma Vale

Whistler in the Dark

You Won’t


Adam Glasseye and the Insect Fable bandcamp site

Liars and Believers

Sarah Frechette and PuppetKabob


Deep Fried Grapes – Is the Vibe On? (2005)

Jaggery – Polyhymnia (2007), Upon A Penumbra (2010), S( p )lice (2011), For the Record (2014)

Timesbold – Ill Seen Ill Sung (2007), Slight of Hand (2008)

Camphor – Drawn To Dust (2008)

Solo Works of Anthony “Tony” Leva – The Ballads of Orange and Grape (2007), Well Songs (2009)

The Jean-Paul-Jeremy Accordion Cartel (2009)

Christopher Bell – Win Winters (2009)

Paul Kozlowski – Pedro the Bull (2009)

Jaggery – Private Violence EP – (2009)

Paleo – Improvised Recordings (2009)

Jesse Sparhawk – Raptor Attention (2011)

Gideon Irving – My Name is Gideon, My Brother is Isaac (2011)

DuoFest – Double Bass duets with Kirsten Lamb (2012)

Brendan Burns’ Timestamp (2012)

Brendan Burns’ Free Quartet (2012)

Bury Me Standing (2013)

Jaggery – Crux (2016)

Gun Mother (2016)

The Dylan Jack Quartet (2017) – Diagrams

Michael Veloso and Jaggery – Having it Out with Melancholy (To Be Released Soon)

Film Scores

The King – music written by Max Avery Lichtenstein

War Don Don – music written by Max Avery Lichtenstein

Mighty Fine – music written by Max Avery Lichtenstein

The Truth About Coal – music written by Molly Zenobia and Tony Leva

The Why – music by Jaggery

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